"LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.... My daughter was a horrible teether, she turns purple, dribbles like a demon, hardly sleeps and sooks all day.  Bought an amber teething necklace she got rosy cheeks instead of a purple face, she slept through (necklace on her ankle) and although still dribbling it was nowhere near as much ."

Genuine Baltic Amber

Baltic amber is the fossilised tree resin of ancient conifer trees that grew in the Baltic region 40-60 million years ago, and is famous for its extraordinary properties. It contains 3-8% of succinic acid, a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine.

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All Amber products that we sell are made of the finest 100% Baltic Amber renowned troughout the world for it's quality and soothing properties. Please visit our online store on amazon.co.uk

I love our Baltic Amber necklace. With my daughter she was very unsettled with teeth moving under the gum - crying, biting, refusing feeds. But after using the necklace it changed everything. She was a happier baby and feed like a dream. She has worn it everyday since she was 3 months old and she is a bouncing toddler with eye teeth coming through. Best buy!

"I have been told nothing but good things from fellow mums about them. After putting up with my poor daughters unconsolable teething with tooth number 2 coming through at 7months I finally invested in one! Thinking of getting one of the adult ones for myself and partner now :) Great investment! "

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